Mostly Cloudy With Some Bright Spells: the paperback version has arrived!

Look, an actual real life book!

I’m super delighted to shout my head off in celebration of the paperback version of ‘Mostly Cloudy With Some Bright Spells’ arriving in time for Christmas.

It’s been a long time in the making, but well worth it. This version, along with the latest Kindle version, has been vastly improved and updated to include the past year’s trials and tribulations, as well as new diagnoses in the form of stupid scoliosis and even  more stupid fibromyalgia. There are even photos in it (albeit not very good ones).

So, if you have literate friends, family members or pets (that would be something, right?) and don’t want to offend them with the usual rubbish gifts such as socks, monogrammed handkerchiefs, crappy toiletry sets with toxic bath foam and a lump of loofah, you could do worse than buy them a copy of my book. It’s shiny and brightly coloured, so even babies will like it. Dogs will try to eat it, so it’ll be a hit with them, too. If you know anyone who is blind, you can read it to them, putting on different voices and stuff. Just a suggestion.

If you would like be in receipt of a copy signed by my bad self and my trusty sidekick, Pantouf, drop me an email at:

Let me know how many copies you’d like, if you’d like them signed to anyone in particular (yourself, perhaps) and where to send them, and we’ll go from there. Simples!

The book retails at £9.99, but I’m offering them at the discounted rate of £9.50. Bear in mind that Amazon are printing them, so I’m paying for them and for shipping from somewhere daft like Colorado. I don’t get any freebies, otherwise I’d be handing them out on street corners*


Postage for one copy is £2.60 (stupid, extortionate Royal Mail!)

Postage for up to three copies is £4.50 (you’re better off buying three. No, really)

Postage for four or more copies (I’m not mental, someone nice just ordered four, how great is that?) is £5.50

Payment can be made via PayPal, so it couldn’t be simpler. If you own a carrier pigeon, you can send payment via the skies. Just don’t weigh it down with pound coins, or it’ll crash.

I make a tiny bit more selling directly than I do if you buy one through Amazon, so the choice is yours – give your hard-earned cash to a massive, global corporation, or give it to little old me, a one-woman word machine who’ll spend it on exotic cheeses and treats for the cat. In the spirit of Christmas, you know what to do.

Some kind of relatively normal blog will work its way out of my brain very soon. In the meantime, have a good week. In the rain. Ugh.

Juliette x